Frequently Asked Questions


AdvancED is a Walmart program designed to provide educational support services to all eligible Walmart associates and family members. Support includes reimbursement for tuition paid as well as other services and benefits through the AdvancED Network of postsecondary schools. For information about the program, search wmlink/AdvancED on the WIRE (Walmart Intranet).

AdvancED is meant to help encourage continuous learning and develop professional skills. You may be thinking about starting a new credential, or finishing a degree or diploma that you started some time ago. You may be wondering how to earn credit for prior learning experiences, either through Walmart or elsewhere. You may just need a little help figuring out how to apply to college or university programs. The AdvancED program is here to assist you with all these and more.

Search wmlink/AdvancED on the WIRE (Walmart Intranet) to determine if you or your family members are eligible for AdvancED. When you are ready to get started, complete the AdvancED Information Request Form.

Full-time and salaried associates will be reimbursed for courses successfully completed through a recognized postsecondary institution in Canada. However, additional tuition reimbursement is provided for programs and courses taken at Humber, Collège Boréal or an AdvancED Network partner institution.

Part-time associates and family members of full-time and salaried associates may be eligible for reimbursement on courses leading to a credential through Humber or another AdvancED Network partner institution. Search wmlink/AdvancED on the WIRE (Walmart Intranet) for additional information.

Established in 1967, Humber College is a global leader in polytechnic education. Combining in-depth theoretical learning and hands-on experience with applied research and extensive industry connections, Humber provides career-focused education to 33,000 full-time and 23,000 part-time and continuing education students across three campuses. The college offers a comprehensive range of credentials including honours undergraduate degrees, postgraduate certificates, diplomas, apprenticeships and certificates. More than four out of five Humber graduates are employed within six months of completing their studies.


Search wmlink/AdvancED on the WIRE (Walmart Intranet) to determine if you or a family members is eligible, then complete the AdvancED Information Request Form. Complete this form with as much detail as possible so that Humber can customize the email response that will be sent to you.

By completing this form, Humber will also be able to begin to determine your eligibility for PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition).

When you fill out the AdvancED Information Request Form, we will email you more information to help you get started in a program or course. Once you’re ready to apply for a Humber program, go to and complete the online application. A $95 application fee will be collected by

If you need help at any stage of the application process, visit, call 1.416.675.3111 or email

You may apply for any of the programs that Humber offers. Whether you attend depends on your eligibility based on the program’s admission requirements, and the availability of seats in the program.

Only courses that lead to a credential are eligible for the AdvancED tuition reimbursement. Search the WIRE (Walmart Intranet) at wmlink/AdvancED for more information.

Any of the courses offered through Humber’s extensive suite of Continuing Education courses are open to all registrants at a discounted rate for eligible Walmart associates and family members.

Many of Humber’s courses have online options which you can select when you register. The Business Management Diploma program is just one program that can be completed fully online!

You can get started by filling out the AdvancED Information Request Form at any time. You will hear back from Humber via email within 24 hours.

Program and course availability varies, and will determine when your studies can begin.

For information about how to apply to Collège Boréal click here.

Credit for Previous Education and Work Experience

Yes. Humber will assess your previous postsecondary experience for Transfer Credit if the courses you have taken are similar to the courses in the program you have applied to. For more information about Transfer Credit visit and select “Transfer In”.

Depending on the program you apply to, you may be eligible for transfer credit for having completed the Harvard Leadership Tune Up or Management Essentials programs. If you are applying to Humber’s Business Management Diploma program, you may be eligible for additional credit.

If you haven’t already done so, complete the AdvancED Information Request Form or send an email to for more information.

Through the PLAR process, the work you do at Walmart plus any previous postsecondary experience and in-house training you may have could reduce the amount of time it will take to complete a credential.

Through AdvancED, Walmart associates are eligible for a special PLAR package rate: $95 per course for which PLAR is granted up to a maximum of $285 per program.

Complete the AdvancED Information Request Form and indicate that you are interested in receiving information about PLAR.


There is no cost to get started with AdvanceED. Students will pay course and program tuition and fees, and may qualify for tuition reimbursements upon successful completion of each course. Search the WIRE (Walmart Intranet) at wmlink/AdvancED for more information about eligibility for tuition reimbursements.

Once you have filled out the AdvancED Information Request Form, you will receive a personalized email response within 24 hours. This message will contain information related to your questions and areas of interest.

Depending on your questions and areas of interest, the email may refer you to the supports and services such as Career Advising and Pre-enrolment Advising, to assist you with identifying programs of interest and setting learning goals.

If you need further information, see the Contact tab on this website.